What People are Saying...

From Fear to Trust!


"I had met Jayne at one of the lowest points in my life. My son had been  recently diagnosed with Autism and I reached out to Jayne for help.  Little did I know that she had come into our lives to not only help my son, but also to help me. I had always been an open minded  and believed anything was possible, but I found it very hard to go against the grain of the mainstream. It was a constant battle trying to be who I wanted to be because others thought I  didn’t fit society's mold of "normal". That all changed when I was introduced to Jayne. I know she was sent to me because I needed her guidance to move on to the next level of growing into who I was meant to be. Jayne is so in tune with the spiritual world and is so knowledgeable on how to tap into your own light.  She has opened my eyes and my mind to a whole new way of thinking. I have become so much more aware of the guidance around me thanks to Jayne and her gift of reading Akashic Records, among other things. Jayne helped me learn the confidence to believe in myself and to trust my own intuition which has changed my life. Jayne you are so gifted and I truly look up to you as a mentor. Thank you for always being there to help guide me." -Caitlin H. 

From Isolated to Involved!


 "After doing the exercises Jayne taught me, I feel so much smarter and am now able to follow along in class and contribute to classroom discussions.  I had very little to say before I started seeing Jayne.  I will do these exercises forever! - V. (Student attending a therapeutic high school identified by the staff as one of the "most difficult students to educate") 

From Sensitive to Resilient!

"My son and I so appreciate the services of Jayne! Her work has been just what this sensitive 11-yo boy needed to become more confident and resilient. Jayne had a wonderful way with him, and his apprehension turned to acceptance and when we left he commented on what a good experience it was. We do our exercises nearly every day, and check often to make sure the techniques that Jayne used are still holding. I cannot recommend Jayne highly enough!"  

- Mom of O.  

From Anxious to Calm!



"I was suffering a huge amount of anxiety.  The anxiety and downright fear that I experienced steadily grew, even though arrangements were being made to solve problem I was anxious about.  Some problems are now fixed and others have to wait. But as far as my personal reaction,  the anxiety grew out of  proportion to the actual physical problems and quickly became my number one problem.  I have been trying for weeks to shake the anxiety.  I was really suffering badly from anxiety. Nothing was able to give me anything more than 20 minutes of relief.  I was probably trying the right things, but they were taking a long time to work, and seemed like they might never work.  The anxiety was becoming a major threat to my health and functioning.    

After leaving your office  I had some free time before my next job, and so I took a good inhale of the essential oils you gave me.  There was a sweet, intense joyful feeling I had not had since I was a child.  After two of the prescribed nightly treatments, my fear is gone.  Gone!  After weeks of trying to manage my anxiety with no success, your treatments alleviated 95% of the anxiety.  Right now it feels permanent.   My emotional health is better now than it has been since I can remember.   

I have no explanation for it. It defies logic and science.  I am simply telling you what happened.  This is a miracle.   

I will continue to use the oils until they are used up.   I will also suggest that my wife schedule a session with you.

Thanks Again!!!" - JK


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