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Living with Ease, LLC is a holistic wellness center geared toward supporting their clients in feeling more alive and present in their lives.  Whether it's weight management, movement-based neurological organization, energy medicine, intuitive development, or self-care, we support our clients in thriving in whatever they're up to.

All-Natural Weight Management


Reset your metabolism for good... in just 6 weeks, and lose 20-40 pounds in the process!* It's quick, easy and natural!  Eat great food while you burn fat!  Maintain your goal weight through our unique individualized maintenance program!  

You'll get the best of both worlds - you'll work with a medical professional and a coach!  You'll start a comprehensive detoxification program designed just for you to insure nothing gets in the way of your success!

Maintaining a healthy body and feeling in alignment with the image you present to the world is vitally important.  However, it is just one of the ingredients to a healthy, balanced life.  To insure lasting change, we integrate working on the mind, spirit and soul as well because we want to insure the shifts you worked so hard for last a lifetime.

And the best part is that your program is designed just for you! You will be unconditionally supported by a passionate and knowledgeable coach every step of the way!  You will not only walk away with a new body, but you will walk away with new habits that will nourish your body, mind, spirit and soul as well!

* Results may vary and are dependent upon size, age, gender, original fat levels and level of commitment to the program.

When Thriving is Your Goal


When thriving is your goal, you've come to the right place. Nourishing the Mind, Body, Spirit and Soul is our recipe for supporting our clients in reaching their goals, and experiencing lasting change. The shifts our clients achieve are nothing less than remarkable -- and truly life changing!

Whether it's our all natural, homeopathic weight management program, our unique movement-based neurological re-organization programs, energy medicine, or other tools needed for empowerment and extreme self-care, clients are supported in thriving in whatever they're up to! 

Jayne Steinberg, the founder of Living with Ease, LLC has been passionately dedicated to her 20-year journey in the quest for the right combination of strategies that would address the root cause of the challenges her family and her clients were experiencing. The combination Jayne has found has been responsible for the most profound and permanent changes that enable individuals, children and adults alike, to truly heal, and live their lives with ease. 

We work with kids whose goals revolve around their communication, their academics, their behavior, their sensory systems, their social lives and/or their ability to manage their emotions.

We work with adults who want to experience feeling more alive and present in their lives - living with more ease and joy. 

Our clients benefit from more energy, more clarity, more emotional availability, a sharper awareness of their intuition, a boost in their vitality and a general increase in their well-being and happiness which naturally leads to living with ease.


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