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Jayne Steinberg

Holistic Speech-Language Pathologist
and Holistic Wellness Coach

Nothing brings me greater joy and satisfaction than helping others achieve their goals and sharing the best of the innovative and comprehensive tools I've learned that facilitate living with ease. 

Through the use, and teaching, of the many therapeutic methods I have learned over the years, I have witnessed the most profound changes in myself, my family and in my clients.   

I am particularly sensitive to the challenges families are facing today as I am the mother of three amazing children, all of whom are on their own healing journeys. The modalities I have chosen to study are all based on my personal experiences successfully using them to facilitate healing in myself and my own family.  I feel blessed to have found and studied these modalities -- and as a passionate student and teacher I thoroughly enjoy  sharing everything I know with my clients! 

My most recent recent experience following a homeopathic protocol to reset my metabolism, while losing 30 pounds in the process, has led me to become certified as a health coach.  The experience was so easy and effective, I wanted to add this healing modality to my list of offerings so I could coach others through this life changing process.  

I am committed to making sure that each client and family I work with feels empowered. My hope is that the knowledge gained while we work together will continue to continue to provide support while you and your family live your lives with ease. 

When I am not working, I enjoy spending time with my family, practicing yoga and meditation, traveling, and spending time in nature.


Dr. Rochelle Bien, DC


"Be Passionate About What You Do!"

That’s always been Dr. Bien’s motto and how she lives her life, as well as how she practices. Her dedication to her patients is one in which she takes tremendous pride in.

Dr. Bien’s journey into alternative health care began after a serious illness in which she was misdiagnosed and mistreated by the medical profession. At the urging of a close friend, she sought the services of a chiropractor. Once under care, she began to understand that by treating the cause of her problem, and not just the symptoms, that her body would heal and her health would be restored. She says to all those groups that she speaks to, “When I understood that basic concept, that was when my life was reborn”. It then drove her to become a chiropractor because she felt she needed to serve the profession that gave her life back to her.

She took that love and passion through her professional education and into the community where she has been a staunch advocate for natural health care approaches for many health conditions. She inspires her patients to become better health care consumers by providing them with information that allows them to make better choices for themselves and their families.  Dr. Bien is also a clinical nutritionist. 


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